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Waldport Reacts to Shooting

Pete Springer/OPB

Lincoln City police officer Steven Dodds was critically wounded during a traffic stop Sunday and police are still searching for the prime suspect, David Durham. Officers from several different jurisdictions descended on the town of Waldport, 40 miles south of Lincoln City, where Durham took off on foot after abandoning his car, which was damaged by a spike strip on Highway 101.

OPB News is following this story as it develops. On Friday, we’re devoting the show to the community’s reaction.

Do you live in Waldport or in a town close by? Do you own a vacation home there? How has the shooting and manhunt affected you? If you live elsewhere, have you ever lived through something similar?

We will be broadcasting live from the Natural Selection organic food store at 140 NW Highway 101 in Waldport on Friday. You are welcome to join us there at 9 a.m. if you’re in town.

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