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Warming Up to Climate Change

Pete Springer/OPB

Two reports released in Oregon last week outline the environmental changes that could be coming, and the ways Oregon might adjust to those changes. The Oregon Climate Assessment Report says the state will likely experience hotter summers and less winter snowpack, among other changes. The Oregon Climate Change Adaptation Framework (pdf) outlines the consequences of these and other environmental shifts, and offers suggestions for how state agencies should respond.

Climate change is also in the news right now because of the United Nations summit going on in Cancun. One of the NGOs at the summit called for businesses and entrepreneurs to take the lead on sustainability and adapting to climate change. But some are skeptical that corporations will be motivated to do anything more than “greenwashing” (merely keeping up an appearance of being environmentally friendly).

How are you preparing for changes to Oregon’s climate? Do you own a business that could be affected by environmental variations? How much are you focused on mitigating the effects of climate change and how much are you focused on adapting to the weather patterns scientists predict?


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