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Washington County May Change How It Handles Dangerous Dogs

Washington County Animal Services is proposing a number of changes to the way the county regulates pets. The county currently prohibits (pdf) residents from owning dangerous dogs. The new code (pdf) would replace that prohibition with a three-tiered system. The regulations would vary from leash restrictions to euthanasia in extreme cases. The proposal is similar to the system Multnomah County already has in place.

In addition to creating a new system for dangerous dogs, the proposal would require pet owners to pick up after their dogs, ban the selling or gifting of animals in public places (parks, sidewalks, storefronts) and add cats to the code. (Felines are currently not mentioned.)

We’ll talk with Washington County animal services manager Deborah Wood (pdf) about the proposed changes to Washington County’s animal code. There will be a community meeting on the proposal on January 10. 

Are you a pet owner in Washington County? Will you be attending that hearing? What questions do you have about this proposal?

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