Passengers exit a TriMet bus.

Passengers exit a TriMet bus.

Thomas Le Ngo/TriMet





  • Deke N. Blue is the pen name of the TriMet bus driver behind the “From the Driver Side” blog and the new, self-published book “Just Drive: LIfe In The Bus Lane.” He says he’s “a writer who drives a bus for a living.” In both the book and the blog, he chronicles the daily frustrations, joys and close calls that come with a job he clearly loves.



  • Klamath Falls is in the process of constructing a 19-acre homeless services campus just outside of town. Alan Eberlein, who has helped jumpstart the project, tells us how it will work.



  • A federal judge in Nevada dismissed charges against rancher Cliven Bundy and his two sons. Journalist Leah Sottile joins us to discuss her reporting on the case.

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