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As We Are: Sex Workers

Pete Springer/OPB

Sex sells a lot of things — cars, magazines, even environmental consciousness — but it also sells itself in the form of lap dances, pornography and plain old-fashioned prostitution. When the subject of sex work comes up in the media, it’s usually a story about curbing illegal activity or cleaning up neighborhoods. The voices of people who work in the sex industry are often absent from these stories. In the next installment of As We Are (hour-long conversations with people who are often talked about instead of heard from) we’ll speak with people who have experience working in the sex industry.

Have you ever traded an erotic service — like stripping, nude images or something else — for money? What was that like? How did you get started? If you are no longer working in the sex industry, what made you stop? If you’ve never worked in this field, what questions do you have for people who do?

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