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What happened to REAL Prep?

Pete Springer/OPB

This month, the plug was pulled on a charter school expected to open in Portland on September 12. The school was called REAL Prep Charter Academy, and was focused on educating students through the hip-hop recording arts and entertainment industry. The last minute closure has left people wondering: what happened?

In the aftermath, blame has been thrown at Portland Public Schools and at the board of REAL Prep. Some criticize the notion of a “hip-hop school” as problematic from the beginning. Most agree that the issues were made public too late in the game and the situation has left parents, students, and teachers scrambling for back-up plans when the school year has already begun.

Today we follow-up on the story to help clarify just how REAL Prep came to a close.

How were you affected by the closure of REAL Prep? Were you going to enroll your kids there or work there? How does REAL Prep’s closure make you feel about charter schools in Oregon?


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