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What's the Holdup?

Pete Springer/OPB

If you’re a regular Think Out Loud listener, you already know that the legislature has passed its self-imposed deadline of February 29 for this year’s short legislative session. They’re now dangerously close to the actual deadline, which is written into the state Constitution. They can only go until March 6, when they have to drop those gavels and declare “sine die” once and for all (until 2013 that is).

So, what’s the holdup?

Lawmakers passed a controversial bill to protect concealed handgun licenses from public records requests and the governor signed his healthcare “transformation” bill Friday. But one of his education policy bills are still on the table, along with a much-discussed law to create a tax credit for compensation to ranchers for livestock killed by wolves.

We’ll hear more from OPB’s Capitol reporter Chris Lehman about what’s keeping lawmakers in Salem.

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