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What It's Like When Your Spouse Is A War Reporter

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Nathan Deuel and his wife Kelly McEvers are adventurous. How else do you describe a pair of people who met as foreign journalists in Cambodia and, years later, chose to freelance in Saudi Arabia? They embarked on a different kind of adventure when Kelly, who now works for NPR, got pregnant shortly after they moved to Riyadh. Planning for the birth of their child in a foreign country is just one of the experiences Nathan explores in his collection of essays Friday Was The Bomb: Five Years In The Middle East.

From there, Nathan and Kelly traveled back to the U.S., then to Istanbul and Baghdad respectively. Kelly’s career took off — she became NPR’s Baghdad bureau chief — and Nathan became a stay-at-home dad. He writes that the long stretches of time they spent apart were hard:

Among other problems, it was difficult to be a man, changing diapers, while Kelly swashbuckled her way across Mesopotamia…For Kelly, the Middle East was the big leagues. For me, it was a place to find a good doctor and maybe some daycare.

The family reunited in Beirut, where Kelly headed up NPR’s new bureau and everything seemed to be going smoothly…until the Syrian uprising.

What questions do you have for Nathan Deuel?

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