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Whatever Happened To. . . Google+

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We’re launching a new occasional series, looking back at topics we talked about some time ago and haven’t thought much about since. Today we’re asking, whatever happened to Google+? On our show in August we talked about the launch of a then-new social media site, Google+. One of our guests, Marshall Kirkpatrick described the new platform as having many attractive features — like the ease of sharing and the ability to separate the people in your life by category, or circles. For instance, you can share that photo of yourself with milk coming out of your nose only with your family and close friends (not your business contacts or acquaintances).  Furthermore, you can turn off the “share” option for that particular post so it won’t be shared any further. One of the drawbacks of Google+, Kirkpatrick and others said, was that the number of people using the site just was not enough to make the social network, well, a network.

Google just launched a new personalized element for those who have Google+ — including posts from people in their circles in their web search results. That move was met with mixed reviews.

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Do you use Google+? Do you like the idea of getting personalized search results?


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