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What's Next for K-12 Education?

Pete Springer/OPB

In this election voters in many Oregon counties had to decide whether to take money from their pockets to improve schools across the state. The results were mixed. In Portland the $548 million school bond to upgrade buildings failed by a slim margin while the less controversial levy passed. In Parkrose the bond to replace a middle school and improve others, passed by a slim margin. And in Eugene an income tax to pay for schools was defeated 64 to 36 percent.

Today we’ll explore what these results mean for education today — and in the future. Now that this election is over, and decisions have been made, what’s next?

And, leaving the election totally aside, what else should we be thinking about when it comes to K-12 education in this state? There is so much news and discussion right now about budgets, who is thinking about the long-term picture of education here? What kind of students are we striving to graduate? Are we adequately preparing them today? Or are these questions we can’t even ask in these budget-stressed days?

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