Tolls could be implemented on the Interstate 5 Bridge.

Tolls could be implemented on the Interstate 5 Bridge.  

Amanda Cowan/The Columbian



  • Wheeler County Sheriff Chris Humphreys recently announced he was leaving the job, and all his deputies would also leave the sheriff’s office. That will leave Wheeler County without law enforcement, and county officials have no plans to fill the position. Tim Trainor, an editor at the East Oregonian, fills us in.



  • In late June the Value Pricing Advisory Committee met for its sixth time to discuss tolling plans on I-5 and I-205. We sit down with Travis Brouwer, the assistant director of Oregon Department of Transportation and the executive sponsor for the project, to hear more about the latest tolling plans.



  • In the past nine years, the Clackamas County district attorney’s office has prosecuted five sets of parents from the Followers of Christ Church for failing to provide adequate medical care for their children causing serious physical injury or death. On July 9, Sarah and Travis Mitchell were the first parents from the church to plead guilty. Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote joins us to talk about the case and how it differs from past prosecutions of Followers of Christ Church members.



  • The Klamathon Fire has burned over 36,000 acres on the California/Oregon border since last week. At least three firefighters have been injured and 82 structures have been destroyed. April Ehrich of Jefferson Public Radio fills us in.

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