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Why Are So Few People Taking The HIV Prevention Drug?

Truvada is a drug approved that was 2012 to prevent HIV in those who may be at high risk for infection. Despite its effectiveness, the New York Times recently reported that Truvada is not widely used, including among gay men who remain at higher risk for infection. The drug manufacturer estimates fewer than 2,000 people used it for prevention between January 2011 and March 2013. (It was prescribed off-label before the FDA approved its use as a preventative drug.)  One reason is that using it for prevention has garnered a certain stigma. That’s partly because AIDS advocacy groups have raised concerns about its use, saying that taking Truvada will cause people to be more lax about other preventative measures, effectively increasing their risk.

Do you have any experience with HIV/AIDS? Are you taking Truvada or considering taking it? Why or why not?

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