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Will Damascus, Oregon Remain A City?

Damascus City Hall in a strip mall.

Damascus City Hall in a strip mall.


In 2004, Damascus residents voted to incorporate, creating the first Oregon city in 22 years. On November 5, voters will get another chance to weigh in on Damascus’s status as a city.

A campaign to dissolve the city put a measure (pdf) on the November ballot, arguing that residents will save money in property taxes if Damascus is disincorporated. Those who want Damascus to remain a city say it’s the only way to retain local control over land use decisions.

Despite outpacing their opponents in fundraising, the pro-disincorporation campaign faces a significant challenge: in order for the measure to pass, it must be approved by more than 50 percent of registered voters in Damascus.

Do you live in Damascus? How do you plan to vote on disincorporation?


  • Chris Hawes: Campaign manager for the Citizens Committee for Disincorporation
  • Steve Spinnett: Mayor of Damascus and spokesperson for the No on 3-433 campaign
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