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Winning Lincoln High School Constitution Team Talks Civics

Photo: Chuck Coker via Flickr

Photo: Chuck Coker via Flickr

Oregon voters are woefully lacking in basic civic education, according to a recent OPB/DHM poll. The poll, which had a margin of error of 4.9 percent, found that:

  • Just 53% of voters know how many United States senators represent the state. (two)
  • Only 50% of voters could name the three branches of government. (legislative, executive, judicial)
  • 36% could not name a tax Oregonians pay to fund state services. (for example, income tax)

One thing you can’t accuse Constitution team champions at Lincoln High School of being, is uninformed. The team is just coming back from their unprecedented fifth win at the We The People competition in Washington, D.C.  In a speech praising the Lincoln High win from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Earl Blumenauer noted that it was the third consecutive year that Portland had won the national civics competition.

We’ll ask members of the Constitution team what they think of the civics education poll results and how they think Oregon might do a better job educating its voters.

What questions do you have about civics education in Oregon?


  • Caroline Friesen: Lincoln High School sophomore; Constitution team member
  • Jonathan Pulvers: Lincoln High School Constitution team coach; former team member
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