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Winter Drinks

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After a beautiful and warm fall that felt more like an extension of summer, the fact that winter is right around the corner became a little more believeable this week. The temperatures are dropping into the thirties, and the trees are showing more of their branches. So, what are the beverages you can turn to to keep you warm?

If you’re a beer fan, local breweries have you covered with a selection of porters and lagers that can serve as grown-up hot chocolates. Corvallis’s Block 15 brewery has their brandy-barrel aged Figgy Pudding. Portland’s Upright Brewing reaches back to 18th century recipes with their Billy the Mountain brew.

For cocktails, Clyde Common has a cider-based “Cranky Lass,” and the Rum Club offers a “Weights and Measures” toddy. Or you could always just make your own mulled cider.

What are your favorite winter beers, ciders, and wines? Which bars and breweries do you head to in the winter?


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