Washington state wildlife officials say the state wolf population is on the rise.

Washington state wildlife officials say the state wolf population is on the rise.

Gary Kramer/USFWS/Flickr



  • The Portland Police Bureau is considering a policy change that could push back requiring statements from officers who use deadly force until a criminal investigation is done (sometimes weeks after the incident). The shift comes after legal advice from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office regarding an officer’s legal right to remain silent. We’re joined by Multnomah County Chief Deputy DA Don Rees and Portland’s Independent Police Review Division director Constantin Severe.



  • The return of wolves in the West has had deadly consequences for livestock. To help ease ranchers’ burden, many states compensate them for their losses. EarthFix reporter Tony Schick discovered that in Oregon, unproven claims are being approved, draining a limited pool of money.



  • We talk with peer support specialists who are in uniquely qualified to help people struggling with either addiction or mental health issues because they’ve dealt with those same issues themselves. Braunwynn Franklin is a peer and wellness manager at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare. O’Nesha Cochran is a peer support specialist in OHSU’s Project IMPACT.

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