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Filmmaker Brian Lindstrom‘s new documentary offers a window into a playwriting class at an alternative high school in Portland. The cinema vérité style of Writing Myself takes viewers through the two week PlayWrite program, starting with the introductory exercises of first class and going all the way to the final performance of the students’ work.

In between, the class goes through an emotional process to create their characters and the conflicts between them. The writing coaches work one-on-one with the kids, encouraging them to draw on their personal lives. One student told us it seemed like “grueling psychoanalysis,” but still said that the experience was “really cool.”

Have you participated in the PlayWrite program? Have you been a part of another creative writing or performance art program as a student? What did you get out of that experience?

Writing Myself premieres at 7pm on June 14 at Portland’s Cinema 21.


  • Brian Lindstrom: Documentary filmmaker who made Writing Myself and other films
  • Patrick Stupfel: Participated in the PlayWrite class as a student
  • Geniveve Anderson: Participated in the PlayWrite class as a student
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