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Your Placenta

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What’s something that you can plant in your garden, consume, and turn into a piece of art? The answer, strangely enough: Your placenta.

Consumption of placenta, or placentophagia, is becoming increasingly popular with new mothers. The theory is that placenta combats post-partum depression, aids in breast milk production, stabilizes hormones, and gives new mothers more energy.

Even though many women swear by this post pregnancy cure-all, there is no scientific research to support it. This is largely because, as the University of Buffalo professor of psychology Mark Kristal argues, it’s very difficult to test the effects of placentophagia in humans.

What did you do with your placenta? Did eating your placenta aid any post pregnancy problems for you? 


  • Mark KristalProfessor of Psychology at the University of Buffalo
  • Heather Rauh: Certified Birth Doula
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