Wallowa Lake in Eastern Oregon in September 2014.

Wallowa Lake in Eastern Oregon in September 2014.

Oregon State University



  • We explore the legal issues raised by a bill in the Oregon Legislature that would allow farmers to sue companies that hold genetically modified organism (GMO) patents if those seeds contaminate the farmers’ non-GMO crops. We talk with the co-director of the Food Resiliency Project at the University of Oregon Law School, Michael Fakhri.



  • The Green Lighting Black Lives Matter Youth Media Project gives young African American filmmakers the equipment and technical training to make short films. The films will screen this week. We talk with the program’s executive director, John Washington, and one of the filmmakers, Hailei Aberson-Holford.



  • After 15 years of working on a management plan for the Blue Mountain Forests, the U.S. Forest Service finally came up with a draft last year. And then they scrapped it. We’ll talk to the regional forester, Glenn Casamassa, about the plan, and about his philosophy on coordinating planning with local counties.

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