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Naturalized Citizen From India Questions The Brand Promise Of America

Anand Tawker, a former director of emerging markets in India for Hewlett Packard, says he hopes the "American Dream" can become more substantive and meaningful for more Americans.

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Olympics In Oregon | Quince and Croquet | A Sixth Sense: Starchiness

A campaign to bring the Olympics to Oregon, how quince is like croquet, and a brand new taste.

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PDX Women In Tech, The Hilarious 'Stupid F**king Bird' And The Quest For The Perfect Pair of Jeans

What a real job description for a woman in tech would sound like, remembering the pioneering environmental photographer Gary Braasch, author Cristina Henriquez, the soul-hop of the band Dirty Revival, Wendy Red Star's mind- and genre-bending art & more.

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Nature Recovers Quickly After Dam Removals

A new study looks at the effects of dam removals on rivers around the world.

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Pressure Mounts For Oregon To Use "Qualified" Interpreters For Deaf Inmates

National advocacy groups for the deaf and hard of hearing are urging the Oregon Department of Corrections to stop using fellow inmates as interpreters.

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Questions Raised By Response To Deadly Ebola Outbreak

We'll talk with Bill Messer, an infectious disease expert, about the medicines available to treat Ebola and why, at this point, a focus on those could be counterproductive.

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Quinoa Might Be A Good Fit For The Willamette Valley

Bolivia and Peru are the current world leaders in quinoa production. Together they produce around 80,000 metric tons of the grain — which is nearly 80 percent all the quinoa grown commercially. But as the Salem Statesman Journal reports, there might be a new location to grow the grain: the Willamette Valley. What began as an 10-acre experiment by a Salem food bank to work around the high cost of quinoa has proved surprisingly successful. In partnership with Washington State University, they have been testing different varieties of quinoa and found one in particular that grows well in the region. The food bank plans to expand its test project next season, and other farmers in the Northwest are expressing interest in growing the gain.

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The Biomass Question

Like timber before it, some view biomass as more than just trees - it offers the promise of new jobs and a different approach to forest management. In the Northwest the process of converting energy from organic materials begins with wood, and as some lawmakers see it, ends with Oregon being a world leader in a new form of energy. 2011 has been a good year for biomass proponents so far. Oregon lawmakers from both sides of the aisle praised a three-year extension by the Environmental Protection Agency to allow biomass development to continue without tough restrictions. Governor Kitzhaber supports biomass as a renewable energy source, and has put the implementation of biomass high on his agenda. Negotiations have been going on for months about a plan to convert Portland General Electric's Boardman power plant from being coal-fired to burning biomass. However, not everyone sees biomass as a sustainable source of energy. Some worry that biomass leads to deforestation. Others have concerns that biomass may emit more greenhouse gasses than coal.

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Surviving the Quarter-Life Crisis

Upwardly mobile, college-educated young professionals should be nothing but happy -- right? Well, they're not. Thousands of them across the country are going through what many are calling the "quarter-life crisis." Half a century ago, most young people finished high school or college, took a job, and worked there until they retired. They got married soon after school, and started building a family. Not so with today's Generation Y. They're dissatisfied with their careers, as their entry-level jobs with little security aren't what their parents made them think they deserved. And their personal lives are in flux, as more and more of them wait to get married and have kids, choosing instead to move around the country, or even the world. Of course, you could argue that these are the lucky ones: at least they have jobs in a dismal economy.

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Questioning Police Policy

On Wednesday, a grand jury decided not to indict Officer Ronald Frashour for fatally shooting Aaron Campbell in January. But they submitted what amounts to a damning (if unofficial) indictment of Portland Police Bureau policy in a letter (pdf) to Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk that was released today:

We know that somethng went terribly, terribly wrong at Sand Terrace and that Aaron Campbell should not have died that day. He was not accused of a crime. He police were called to do a "welfare check" because Mr. Campbell was distraught over his brother's death and family members were worried about him. We feel that his death resulted from flawed police policies, incomplete or inappropriate training, incomplete communication, and other issues with the police effort. We feel strongly that something must be done to correct this, and the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) should be held responsible for this tragedy.... We also feel that the recorded Grand Jury testimony should be made public — in particular, that of Officer Frashour. By bringing information to the public, perhaps others will come to understand why there is no indictment. With understanding and a plan for correction, perhaps the community unrest over this case will ease; perhaps the healing process can begin.

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Politics | News | local

The Quick Rise And Quicker Fall Of Outspoken Portland Commissioner Steve Novick

Outgoing City Commissioner Steve Novick says he made mistakes and his opponent ran a great campaign. But he also says Portland's form of government helped hasten his departure. 

Nation | News | local | An Occupation In Eastern Oregon

'This Land Is Our Land' Update: Listener Questions About The Verdict

We've been flooded with questions since the defendants were acquitted. We've got answers.

NW Life | Politics | Election | News | Nation

OPB Politics Now: An In-Depth Look At Governor Kate Brown Plus Listener Questions

OPB senior political reporter Jeff Mapes and Statesman Journal reporter Gordon Friedman join host Julie Sabatier to talk about incumbent Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

Nation | News | local | An Occupation In Eastern Oregon

Ryan Bundy Questions His Wife; Medenbach Testifies

Tuesday morning included testimony from an FBI informant, a psychologist with knowledge of David Fry's mental health, and an odd occurrence of a husband questioning his wife on the stand.

History | NW Life | local | Entertainment | Arts

Darcelle Crowned World's 'Oldest Drag Queen Performer' By Guinness

Guinness World Records awarded the City of Roses’ grand dame — who operates Darcelle XV, the longest-running drag revue west of the Mississippi — the designation this week.

local | News | Family

DHS Report: Agency Needs To Address Abuse, Shortage Of Quality Homes

Oregon's foster care system is being pushed to its limits and failing to put in place remedies for ongoing problems.

News | Education | local | Class Of 2025: Follow Students From 1st Grade To Graduation

Class Of 2025: The Homework Question

As the Class of 2025 enters fourth grade, we compare what kinds of homework students were accustomed to getting as third graders. It's a different answer, at different schools.

local | News | Transportation | Environment | Oil Trains In The Northwest

Oil Train Derailment: Q&A With Federal Railroad Administration Head

It’s Union Pacific’s fault. That’s the basic thrust of a preliminary report from federal railroad regulators Thursday. OPB's Kate Davidson spoke to the head of the Federal Railroad Administration to learn more. 

Precision Castparts Answers Questions About Its Emissions In Portland

Precision Castparts declined OPB's request for an interview but agreed to answer questions over email about emissions from PCC Structurals Large Parts Campus in Portland. Here is a full transcript. 

Q&A: Could Seismic Activity Elsewhere Prompt A Northwest Quake?

Does seismic activity in Japan or Ecuador increase the likelihood of an earthquake in the Pacific Northwest? We ask Oregon State University geology and geophysics professor Chris Goldfinger.

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