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Bringing Refugees To Oregon | Soviet Diaspora: Education | Talking Business

We'll talk to two faith leaders from Eugene who are working to bring refugees to Oregon. We'll continue our series on this state's Soviet diaspora with a conversation about education. And we'll catch up on the latest regional business news.

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Rudy Crew on Education Goals

Rudy Crew is only about a month into his new job as Governor Kitzhaber's first chief education officer. However, he's already taken a forceful position on statewide achievement goals, saying they're too soft. We'll talk with him about the new "achievement compacts" and how he'd like to see school districts more aggressively raise their goals for year-on-year improvement.

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Summer Online Education

Students at Hillcrest Elementary in North Bend were given the option to try out an online learning program last summer. Teachers hoped that the program would help prevent the typical regression that many students experience over the many months of summer vacation. The program offered rewards — like offering $20 and an ice cream party for the students that used the program the most over the summer. Administrators say the program was a success, and now they're trying to expand it for use during the school year. But they're still working out some of the kinks, including how to make sure that students without reliable internet access don't get left out.

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Report Cards For Special Education

What's working -- and what isn't -- with Oregon's special education system?

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Junction City Hospital | Climate Change Lawsuit | Bilingual Education

We learn about bilingual education, the possible fate of the Junction City psychiatric facility and a climate-change lawsuit brought against the Obama administration.

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Physical Education Dance Collective At PNCA

Members of the Physical Education dance collective describe their residency program at PNCA.

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What's Next For Education Reform In Oregon?

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday that the state's chief education officer, Nancy Golden, is retiring.

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Princeton President Says Elite Higher Education Is Good Value

Chris Eisgruber is visiting Oregon, where he went to middle and high school, to meet with alumni and talk about the value of higher education.

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Oregon's Education Future

President Obama announced on Friday that states that agree to a certain set of rules can waive restrictions set by No Child Left Behind. States would need to set strong teacher evaluation standards, and have plans to rework under-performing schools in order to receiver the waiver. Ben Cannon, former teacher and Oregon legislator, is Governor Kitzhaber's new education policy adviser, and he's excited at the possibility of Oregon getting some leeway within No Child Left Behind. We'll check in with Cannon to see how the Governor and Department of Education will go about trying to waive the restrictions. We'll also hear what Cannon's broader ideas for Oregon's education system are, and how his experience as a teacher and legislator will affect his plans.

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What's Next for K-12 Education?

In this election voters in many Oregon counties had to decide whether to take money from their pockets to improve schools across the state. The results were mixed. In Portland the $548 million school bond to upgrade buildings failed by a slim margin while the less controversial levy passed. In Parkrose the bond to replace a middle school and improve others, passed by a slim margin. And in Eugene an income tax to pay for schools was defeated 64 to 36 percent. Today we'll explore what these results mean for education today — and in the future. Now that this election is over, and decisions have been made, what's next?

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Special Education Report Cards Give Oregon Schools Mixed Grades

Oregon school districts are largely meeting goals related to mainstreaming special needs' students, but graduation rates are lagging.

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Elizabeth Warren On Student Debt Collectors And More Education News

Student debt has tripled, a shake-up in loan repayment, and states unveil new education plans.

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Race In The Northwest: African Student Came For An Education — Not This Kind

We're asking people in the Pacific Northwest to talk about how race impacts their day-to-day lives. We talked to a Muslim immigrant from West Africa who says she is routinely harassed because of her head scarf. 

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Gov. Brown Would Prioritize Education Programs If Measure 97 Fails

Gov. Kate Brown pointed to early childhood, K-12 programs and higher education as places she'd want to maintain funding if a corporate tax she supports fails at the ballot.

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Outdoor School Initiative Could Make 3 Education Measures On Oregon Fall Ballot

Supporters of the Outdoor School For All campaign submitted more than 120,000 signatures to the Oregon Secretary of State on Thursday.

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Former Employee: Education District Handled Discrimination Claims 'So Freaking Poorly'

The Multnomah Education Service District discriminated against Oregon's 2014 Teacher of the Year — and retaliated against him when he complained, according to state investigators.

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SW Wash. Teachers Walk Out Over Education Funding

Teachers in Southwest Washington took the day off Wednesday to protest state lawmakers' funding of K-12 education.

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National Education Report: Oregon Gets Low Grades

Oregon shows up poorly on a national education report out Thursday.  The state-by-state analysis looked at funding, early education, and student achievement. 

Local Leaders Highlight Successful Education Programs at National Conference

Leaders of Oregon's largest city and the state's biggest school systems talked up local education programs at a national conference in Portland on Thursday.  

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Photos: STEM Education in Oregon

Photos from the Montavilla Young Makers Camp at PCC.

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