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Voting Center | Crab Fishery | Commissioner Loretta Smith | Carbon Pricing Plans

Oregon and Washington are both considering carbon pricing proposals. The crab fishery remains closed. A new election center opens. A petition demands Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith resign.

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Washingto Elections | North Korea | Forest Work

Election results in Washington state. Also, we'll learn about North Korea from a journalist who's been there. And the changing nature of forest work.

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Tacoma Detention Center | Election Reform | Transit Security

We hear about conditions for women in a Tacoma immigrationdetention facility, a conference on election reform, and why bus riders want fewer armed transit police officers.

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Sen. Merkley | Richochet River

We celebrate the 25th anniversary edition of the very Oregon book Ricochet River. And Senator Jeff Merkley joins us from DC.

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"Swap Talk:" A Special Collaboration With KQED at 10am

“Swap Talk” will air live on OPB and KQED at 10 a.m., providing a chance for Oregon public broadcasting listeners to talk to people in the Bay Area about how the new federal administration is impacting their world.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Bud Pierce | Ballot Measure Roundup

Unsure how to fill out your ballots? We'll break down the various ballot  measures for you today. Also, a one-on-one interview with gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce.

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Opening Statements In Trial | Soccer Playoffs | Rising Portland Traffic Deaths | Public Financing For Portland Elections

We find out why traffic deaths are rising in Portland despite efforts to reverse the trend, and we learn more about a new proposed system of publicly financed elections in the city.

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Ranked Choice Voting | Water Scarcity | Suicide Prevention

A new series in The Oregonian explores groundwater issues in eastern Oregon; a student wellness director from Blue Mountain Community College addresses the high rate of suicide in Kenya; and Benton County takes up the issue of ranked choice voting.

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Conventions Wrap Up | News Roundtable | OSF Open Letter

We'll wrap up the final night of the DNC, and the news of the week. We'll also learn about racist incidents in Ashland that have led the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to write an open letter to the community.

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Oregon House Speaker Talks Redistricting, Ivanka And More At The DNC

Speaker of the Oregon House Tina Kotek spoke at the Democratic National Convention Monday night. Think Out Loud caught up with her before the speech.

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Oregon's Unusual Special Election Seeing Modest Voter Turnout So Far

Oregon's rare January special election on a measure targeting new health care taxes has received middling voter turnout so far, with elections officials saying to expect good but not great representation.

Oregon To Live-Stream Measure 101 Election Results On Facebook

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson said Tuesday that preliminary results of the Jan. 23 special election will be streamed on his official Facebook page before they're officially posted on state election sites.


Oprah Beats Trump In NPR Poll, But Most Americans Don't Want Her To Run For President

The former talk show host and media mogul would beat President Trump by 11 points in a hypothetical 2020 match-up, but 54 percent of Americans say they don't want Winfrey to run for president.


German Leaders Agree On New Coalition Talks, But Hurdles Remain

The parties from the last coalition will start negotiations on forming a government. It's only a partial victory for Chancellor Angela Merkel, and concerns remain over the role of a far-right party.


CHART: Tracking Retirements From Congress

A record number of Republicans are leaving the House this year, historically a sign of trouble in midterm elections. See where the GOP and Democrats are defending open seats in 2018.


German Leaders Emerge From Marathon Talks With Blueprint For New Coalition

After days of negotiations, which ended with a 24-hour session, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her center-left counterparts emerged with a proposed deal. Still, they have a lot more work to do.

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Trump Official On Russian Hacking: 'A National Security Issue'

Rather than downplay the threat of Russian interference in American elections, administration and state officials are cooperating to safeguard future votes.

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Facebook Rolls Out New Plan For News Feed: More Posts From Friends And Family

CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the social media giant wants to emphasize more "meaningful" content on users' feeds to "bring us closer together with the people that matter to us."

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Controversial Spy Law Passes House After Shots From Trump, Who Then Supported It

President Trump took aim at a controversial surveillance law hours after the White House issued a statement calling for Congress to reauthorize it. The politics are fraught.

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Democrats Unveil A Blueprint For Battling Putin, Daring Trump To Act

Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee say the U.S. is ignoring danger at its peril, but they despair about the prospects for serious action in Washington, D.C.

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