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Yes, Coyotes Do Roam The Streets Of Portland

Portlanders have reported almost 2,000 coyote sightings this year.

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News Roundtable | The Fish Market

We look at some of the biggest stories of the week, and we learn about how much of the US fish market has been privatized.

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Westminster Dog Show Breeder | Portland's Chinese-American History | Environmental Update

We meet a Westminster prize-winning dog breeder, learn the history of Portland's Chinese-American community, and discuss the latest environmental news.

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Crypto-What? 5 Things You Should Know About Oregon's Newly Anointed Arachnid

Late last month, a new species of Daddy Longlegs joined the ranks of Oregon arachnids known to the scientific world.

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The Creative Cycle: Reclaimed Exotic Animals, Rejected Santa Photos & An Outgoing Art School President

Exotic creatures and old Santa pics transformed into art, Portland rocks the Grammies, Heartless Bastards and more on this week's "State of Wonder."

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Portland Couple Takes 'Dangerous Dogs' Cases To Court

Some dogs are deemed so dangerous that they are ordered by the courts to be euthanized. One Portland couple thinks that's wrong, and they're taking the dogs' cases to court.