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MoviePass Positioned To Disrupt Movie Industry; Theaters Not Sold

The MoviePass subscription service allows users to attend one movie a day for $9.95 a month. Some theater operators and industry insiders are questioning the sustainability of the business model. 

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Damáso Rodríguez On Artists Rep's Building, Debt And Future

The artistic director of Artists Repertory Theatre talks about the recent revelation of an IRS debt and the impending sale of half of the theater.

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Portland’s Hollywood Theatre Succeeds In Fundraising To Buy Movie Madness

The beloved Portland video store is going to get a sequel as a nonprofit, thanks to a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign.

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Rethinking Arts Space In Vancouver And Beaverton

A Sept. 23 arts summit suggests some exciting possibilities for Clark County. Meanwhile Beaverton moves forward on a much-anticipated new public art space.

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Inaugural Sneaker Week Portland To Showcase Thriving Footwear Culture

Portland is home to footwear giants like Nike and Adidas, to say nothing of coffee shops and design academies catering to the sneaker-obsessed. Sneaker Week seeks to lace it all together.

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Historic Portland Costume Shop Closes After 127 Years

Helen’s Pacific Costumers was still whipping up homemade costumes and custom-built mascots until last week when after 127 years, they closed their doors, permanently.

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Concerts In Rural Oregon? At 1 Enterprise Theater, Artists Say 'OK'

When Darrell Brann bought a concert venue in Wallowa County, he knew it wasn’t a no. 1 destination for big touring bands or really touring bands of any size. These days, that's changed.

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Erika Bartlett At Angst Gallery: Mixing Nature And Business

Vancouver artist Erika Bartlett has an eye for nature and a mind for business.

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Billboards | Girls Build | Marijuana Tourism In Oregon

A Portland summer camp teaches girls to use power tools. Also, an appeals court ruling may change the kinds of billboards we see in Oregon. And how has legal marijuana affected tourism in the state?