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DHS Death Reporting | Youth Legal Clinic | Green Cannabis

Oregon officials aren't publishing timely reports on the deaths of children in their care. A Portland nonprofit offers legal aid to homeless youth. The cannabis industry isn't as green as you think.

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Apprenticeship Training | A History Of Evolution

Everything you think you know about evolution is wrong. Also, we learn about a job training program for the construction field.

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New Wapato Jail Owner On Its Future As A Homeless Shelter

In mid-April, Multnomah County sold the Wapato Jail to developer Marty Kehoe for commercial use. Now, Jordan Schnitzer has bought the property and hopes to turn it into a homeless shelter.

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China Proposes A 15 Percent Tariff On Oregon Hazelnuts

China has proposed a 15 percent tariff on United States hazelnuts. The industry says it might be a blessing in disguise.

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Oregon Saves | Cassius Clay Play | Student Survey

A new play for kids takes on the early life of Muhammed Ali. High school students survey other high school students. And a new Oregon program offers state-run retirement savings.

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MoviePass Positioned To Disrupt Movie Industry; Theaters Not Sold

The MoviePass subscription service allows users to attend one movie a day for $9.95 a month. Some theater operators and industry insiders are questioning the sustainability of the business model. 

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Damáso Rodríguez On Artists Rep's Building, Debt And Future

The artistic director of Artists Repertory Theatre talks about the recent revelation of an IRS debt and the impending sale of half of the theater.

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Portland’s Hollywood Theatre Succeeds In Fundraising To Buy Movie Madness

The beloved Portland video store is going to get a sequel as a nonprofit, thanks to a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign.

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Rethinking Arts Space In Vancouver And Beaverton

A Sept. 23 arts summit suggests some exciting possibilities for Clark County. Meanwhile Beaverton moves forward on a much-anticipated new public art space.