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Roxane Gay | Artists In Protest | Eliza Jane Schneider Of 'South Park' | Clowns Without Borders | The Slants

This week on "State of Wonder," same world, infinite views: new fiction from the author of "Bad Feminist," a new era of protest music, why laughter truly is the best medicine, and much more.

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Trump-Clinton Twitter Bet Leads To Cross-Country Meeting

Donald Trump supporter Steven Brewer and Hillary Clinton supporter Devin Gaffney made a bet in October that the supporter of the loser of the presidential race would fly out to meet the supporter of the winner.

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Producers' Choice: The Best 'Think Out Loud' Conversations Of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, the staff of OPB's "Think Out Loud" look back on some of their favorite conversations from the past year.

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Outgoing Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy Reflects On Her 3 Terms In Office

Three-term mayor Kitty Piercy says she leaves office with no regrets.

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Funding Measure 98 | Gov. Brown's Budget | Clackamas County Turnabout | History Of East Portland

We explore the funding for voter-passed Measure 98, the governor's proposed budget, the winds of change in Clackamas County, and a new exhibit about the history of East Portland.

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Reaction To The Election

We hear from Oregonians about how the election of Donald Trump as President may affect their lives.

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REBROADCAST: Coming Home In America

How has the experience of coming back from war changed for veterans of wars, from the Civil War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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Roseburg Resident Has The American Dream But Worries It's Fading

Retired dental hygienist Linda Hellenthal lives on 800 acres in Roseburg with her husband, a logger. She's achieved the dream, she says, but she worries for her grandchildren. 

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The Day After: Election 2016

We break down the results of yesterday’s election – both local and national.

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Oregon's Last Great Election | Sibling Reunion

We hear about what one longtime political reporter calls Oregon's last great election. Also, we explore the nature of family with four siblings who didn't meet until they were in their 60s.