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Guest Curator Fabi Reyna | Women Of Color In Music | Esperanza Spalding | Ear Trumpet Labs | Catalinbread

This week we’re handing over the keys for "State of Wonder" to local musician and small business owner, Fabi Reyna. She's the creator of the guitar magazine She Shreds.

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'An Infected Sun': Portland Artist Demian DinéYazhi´ And Their Cross-Country Odyssey

A contemporary artist whose practice is as influenced by Northwest feminist rockers as by Diné culture.

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Scores From The Attic: Reviving The Sound Of The Revelers

Once among the top performers in the U.S., the Revelers had faded into history until a University of Oregon professor found the group’s scores in a Connecticut attic.

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Mark Rothko | Sera Cahoone | Women In Tech | Coleman Exits Portland Center Stage

This week on "State of Wonder," makers and breakers: abstract iconoclast Mark Rothko's Portland roots, ladies in tech tell what their jobs are really like, plus Sera Cahoone refashions everything.

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Oregon Book Awards: Laini Taylor | Omar El Akkad | Samiya Bashir | Nicole Georges | Anis Mojgani

This week on "State of Wonder," we talk with finalists for the Oregon Book Awards, the state's highest literary honors.

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Soul'd Out Vs. Coachella | Black Belt Eagle Scout | Shayla Lawson & Frank Ocean | Indigenous Playwrights

This week on "State of Wonder," Soul'd Out sues Coachella, three native playwrights soar at Oregon's biggest theaters, poet Shayla Lawson's love letter to Frank Ocean, and the quiet heartache of Black Belt Eagle Scout.

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Mohsin Hamid | Chris Smither | Mary Katherine Nagle’s 'Manahatta' | Stacey Tran

Magical writing from this year's Everybody Reads selection, road-tested blues from Chris Smither, plus Stacey Tran feeds our needs with her poems and her splendid storytelling series.

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10 Years Of Authors On 'Think Out Loud'

As part of our celebration of 10 years on the air, we bring you a compilation with some of our favorite author conversations from the last decade.

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Helio Sequence | Holly Andres | Kelli Schaefer | The Art Of Prosthetics

This week on "State of Wonder," we hear live music from Helio Sequence and Kelli Schaefer, travel the country with photog Holly Andres, look at the design of prosthetic limbs and harness karaoke powers to learn a language.

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Multnomah County Library Plans To Stream Local Musicians

The Multnomah County Library is accepting submissions for an upcoming music streaming and downloading service that will feature — and compensate — local musicians.