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Green Cannabis | 'Viewpoint Diversity' | Reedies Against Racism

We talk about the environmental impact of cultivating cannabis, conservative perspectives on college campuses, and why some Reed students are protesting a humanities class. 

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Air Pollution | Mental Health Program | 'The Spirit Of Dialogue'

We look at a new study on air pollution and race, and a Lane County effort to improve mental health response by police. Also, OSU's Aaron Wolf talks about his book, "The Spirit of Dialogue."

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Writer And Firefighter Sean Davis On Oregon’s Combustible Summer

After weeks on southern Oregon firelines, writer Sean Davis returned home to an evacuation order.

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Rural Economy | Sage Grouse Plans | Steelhead

The federal government has announced changes to a carefully negotiated sage grouse conservation plan. Also, steelhead may face extinction because of sea lions, and the economy in rural Oregon is not picking up the way it is in urban areas.

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5 Things We Learned About The Eclipse Of 1878

Author David Baron wrote "American Eclipse," a book about the eclipse of 1878. He explains how the celestial event gave American scientists a chance to prove themselves on the world stage. 

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Gun Bill | Environmental Anxiety | Beavers

A new law would allow guns to be taken from people if they're found to be a risk to themselves or others. Also, a new podcast about climate change. And the history and biology of beavers.

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Design Week Special: Redesigning Portland With Quin Candy, Maya Lin And More

This week on "State of Wonder," we dive into the bubbling cauldron of Portland design. From streetwear to downtown Portland to sporting goods to candy, everything's on the drawing board.

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Oregon Budget Negotiations | Environmental Justice And Carbon Pricing | 'Good Hair'

We hear about budget negotiations heating up in Salem, how carbon pricing could affect communities of color, and the politics of "good hair." 

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Biking In Portland's Forest Park Draws Attention To Off-road Cycling Plan

Two representatives of the city's Off-Road Cycling Master Plan spoke to OPB's "Think Out Loud" about the proposal's benefits, but others have concerns about more biking in Forest Park.

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Trump Administration Considers Cutting Oregon Sea Grant

Sea Grant is a program that builds connections between university researchers and the people who make their living on the water.