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A Hike In The Sky: The Path To Maya Lin's Sandy River Bird Blind

The Confluence Project's monument to species, placed amid a restored Sandy River Delta. 

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Oregon Legislature Takes Up Hunting Cougars With Dogs

This year there are four bills in the legislature that would allow counties to opt out of the statewide ban on hunting cougars with dogs.

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Tiny School | George And Hillary Atiyeh

We bring you a conversation with George Atiyeh. He’s the nephew of former Oregon governor Vic Atiyeh, and the single biggest reason that the Opal Creek Wilderness was created 20 years ago.

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Yes, Coyotes Do Roam The Streets Of Portland

Portlanders have reported almost 2,000 coyote sightings this year.

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6 Things We Learned From Record Holding Birder Noah Strycker

Oregonian Noah Strycker just broke the world record for the number of bird species seen in one year: 6,042.