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Oregon Child Welfare Workers Say They Can't Keep Up, Can't Do Prevention Work

In the wake of a damning, year-long audit into Oregon’s Child Welfare system, longtime caseworkers Rosanne Scott and Kelly Paluso talk about how the findings of that audit play out day-to-day.

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Oregon Health Authority | News Roundtable | Sexual Assault Reporting

Approximately 80,000 kids will lose health coverage if Congress doesn’t reauthorize the CHIP program. Also, our news roundtable takes up some big stories from the week. And a sexual assault reporting program that began in Ashland has received nationwide praise. 

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Air Pollution | Mental Health Program | 'The Spirit Of Dialogue'

We look at a new study on air pollution and race, and a Lane County effort to improve mental health response by police. Also, OSU's Aaron Wolf talks about his book, "The Spirit of Dialogue."

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Portland Tattoo Artist Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Find 'New Normal'

Portland tattooer Mary Jane Haake specializes in tattooing nipples and areolas onto breast cancer patients who've had mastectomies.

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Vaccination Numbers | Oregon Wildfire Voices | Surimi School

How accurate are federal vaccination numbers for Oregon? Also, we hear voices from the front lines of wildfires burning across the state, and we take a trip to the OSU Surimi School in Astoria.

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'Care' Documentary: In-Home Workers Valued But Not Compensated

A new documentary on the in-home care industry, produced by native Oregonian Tony Heriza, shows the growing need for these workers and their general lack of a livable wage and benefits.

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The Archive Project - Siddhartha Mukherjee

Tonight, Siddhartha Mukherjee recounts the history of genetic science and discovery, and explores the implications of modern genetic research. 

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News Roundtable | Guns And Public Health

Is it helpful to frame the gun debate as a public health problem? Also, our news roundtable takes up some of the biggest news topics of the week.

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Oregon's Death With Dignity Law More Widely Used But Some Physicians Still Skeptical

A new study finds use of Oregon's Death with Dignity law has spiked in recent years.

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Oregon Students Have Until Feb. 15 To Be Vaccinated

Wednesday is the deadline for parents of Oregon students to get their children vaccinated.