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Lessons From 'The Emerald Tablet' With Cult Of Orpheus

Five years in, the ensemble is creating new narratives for chamber music.

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Burning It Down With The Manila Sound

That time when political repression and post-colonial identity came together to make beautiful Filipino dance tracks. We've got four cuts to get you started.

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The Manila Sound | Cult Of Orpheus | Caitlin Weierhauser | Homiefest

This week we’ve got a pile of stories for you about some of the things art can do in traumatic times.

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Indigenous Creek Names | Cafe Employees in Addiction Recovery | Stumptown Improv Festival

We hear about efforts to give indigenous names to unnamed creeks. An Albany cafe is hiring people recovering from addiction. And the co-founders of the Stumptown Improv Festival are in the studio. 

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Scores From The Attic: Reviving The Sound Of The Revelers

Once among the top performers in the U.S., the Revelers had faded into history until a University of Oregon professor found the group’s scores in a Connecticut attic.

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Feel The Music (And See It) At The Northwest Deaf Arts Festival

The first Northwest Deaf Arts Festival will highlight inclusion with the help of deaf musician Myles de Bastion. He has incorporated visual and tactile ways to experience music into the event. 

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Johnny Cash's 'Folsom' At 50 | Paul Simon | Chuck Klosterman | Fond Farewell

This week on “State of Wonder,” we say goodbye to producer Aaron Scott, head to an Oregon prison for the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash's "At Folsom Prison" concert, and more.

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Mark Rothko | Sera Cahoone | Women In Tech | Coleman Exits Portland Center Stage

This week on "State of Wonder," makers and breakers: abstract iconoclast Mark Rothko's Portland roots, ladies in tech tell what their jobs are really like, plus Sera Cahoone refashions everything.

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Soul'd Out Vs. Coachella | Black Belt Eagle Scout | Shayla Lawson & Frank Ocean | Indigenous Playwrights

This week on "State of Wonder," Soul'd Out sues Coachella, three native playwrights soar at Oregon's biggest theaters, poet Shayla Lawson's love letter to Frank Ocean, and the quiet heartache of Black Belt Eagle Scout.

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Mohsin Hamid | Chris Smither | Mary Katherine Nagle’s 'Manahatta' | Stacey Tran

Magical writing from this year's Everybody Reads selection, road-tested blues from Chris Smither, plus Stacey Tran feeds our needs with her poems and her splendid storytelling series.