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News Roundtable | Teen Dad

We discuss the biggest headlines from this week. Also, teen dad Uhusti Gause shares his story and how having his son at the age of 15 had a positive influence on his life. 

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Activism Across Generations

How has activism has evolved over almost 50 years? We host an intergenerational conversation about what it takes to change the world.

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News Roundtable | Better Policing | Hermiston Valedictorian

We discuss some of this week's biggest headlines. A new committee aims to improve community-engaged policing. And we talk to Marvin Hozi, an Iraqi refugee who is now a valedictorian at Hermiston HS.

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Two Takes On Foster Care Politics And Policy

Adoptive parent Ben West criticizes Oregon's child welfare system and shares what's driving Oregon Foster Families First. And state Senator Sara Gelser gives her take on changes to the system.

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Toxic Algae | Tribal Museum | Daycare Closing | Madras Graduation Rates

This hour we take up: algae blooms, an exhibition of artifacts at the Grand Ronde reservation, a childcare facility closed after abuse allegations and rising high school graduation rates in Madras. 

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Journalist Masha Gessen On Russia And Totalitarianism

Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen has written extensively about what totalitarianism looks like in Russia under Vladimir Putin.

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Heather Roberts Says No Matter The Court, Basketball Is Basketball

Heather Roberts is the first female coach for a boys high school basketball team in Oregon since the 1930s. She shares how she got interested in basketball and how she deals with overly involved parents.

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Victim Remembers The MAX Attack 1 Year Later

One of the two teenagers allegedly harassed prior to two fatal stabbings on the MAX remembers those who defended her and shares her feelings of guilt.

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Viet Thanh Nguyen | Back Country Book Club | L.A. Salami | RACC

Long reads and leisurely listens. Get your holiday weekend started with backcountry book recommendations, the long view of what arts should do for a city, and songs that can stop time.

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The Way Forward? Portland's Regional Arts Agency Seeks Direction

City leaders, preoccupied with issues like housing and policing in recent years, and several mayoral administrations have come and gone with no one assigned to oversee RACC’s contract.