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Oregon's 'Model Dress Code' Aims To Make School Policies More Fair

Schools around the nation are adopting Oregon's "model dress code." The code approved by Portland Public Schools in 2016 aims to create a dress code that meets students' concerns.

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Surviving Hiroshima | Escaping The Nazis

We listen back to conversations with two women who survived the horrors of world war two and later made new lives in Oregon. One escaped the Holocaust, the other was in Hiroshima the day the bomb was dropped.

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Indigenous Nations Studies | Student Dress Code | Oregon Teacher Salaries | Hospital Safety

We take up Oregon's first bachelor's degree in Native American studies; a national high school dress code, teacher salaries; and a new effort to prevent violence against hospital staff.

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Jo Ann Hardesty | Alt-Weeklies | REBROADCAST: Author Renee Watson

Records show Jo Ann Hardesty collected over $10,000 in income last year from her volunteer work at the NAACP. Also, we talk about alt-weeklies after several have closed nationwide. And, we listen back to an interview with author Renée Watson. 

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Home Away From Home: Portrait Of A Fire Camp

What makes it possible for firefighters to do the work they do? A very well-organized incident command team sets up a small city on the edge of the wilderness.

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Innocence Project | Josephine County | Life Expectancy | Smoke Summit

This hour: The Innocence Project helps release a man from prison; Josephine County's challenge to marijuana law; a report on life expectancy across the state; and a summit on smoke in Southern Oregon.

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Chronic Absenteeism | Carbon Neutral Buildings | Micah Camden

We learn about a new plan to address chronic absenteeism in Oregon schools and a recent pledge by the city of Portland to make new buildings carbon neutral by 2030. Also, we sit down with Portland restauranteur Micah Camden. 

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Oregon Symphony Dazzles, Startles With Oratorio On Homelessness

Composer Gabriel Kahane's "emergency shelter intake form" moves the ensemble into a new conversation with the community.

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News Roundtable | Airbnb | FEMA Youth Council

Most of Portland's short term rentals are operating illegally. FEMA has created a council of young people to create solutions to emergency preparedness. And we discuss the biggest news of the week with our news roundtable.

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A Portland Family’s Journey From Homelessness To Home

Over the course of six months, the Dunham family sent radio diaries documenting their struggle first to find housing in Portland and then to keep it.