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Todd Haynes on 'Wonderstruck' | Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah | Phoebe Bridgers

This week on "State of Wonder," we talk to Todd Haynes about his newest film, "Wonderstruck," and the fall of Harvey Weinstein; we explore Christian Scott aTunde Adjua's groundbreaking contemporary jazz; and discover the story of a painting that saved a family's lives during the Holocaust.

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Portland Art Museum Adapts Expansion Plan To Win Over Critics

The museum's plan to make its buildings more accessible with the Rothko Pavilion ran up against criticism that it would make the city less accessible. Now it's back to City Hall with a revised plan.

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A Harry Potter Podcast Just For Grown-Ups

We’re chatting up Caitlin Weierhauser and Randall Lawrence, the hosts of “Room of Requirement 237”, one of 13 podcasts taping at a Saturday festival.

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10 Oregon-Made Podcasts You Have To Hear

This week on "State of Wonder," we chat with some of our favorite producers — from comic books to outdoor adventure to comedy — on the eve of the first Portland Podcast Festival.

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REBROADCAST: On The Road: Long Beach Peninsula

In September, "Think Out Loud" traveled to the Long Beach Peninsula in Southwest Washington and recorded conversations with tourists, residents and wanderers there. 

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Celebrating Brian Doyle's Big, Bold Oregon Legacy

This week on 'State of Wonder,' some of the Northwest's most prominent writers come together to share stories and memories of the man the "New Yorker" called "the Portland sage."

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Live At Wordstock: Chuck Klosterman | Hannah Tinti | Katie Kitamura

This week on "State of Wonder," culture writer Chuck Klosterman pulls back the curtain on celebrity profiles and two ace authors discuss their thrilling new novels.

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Where To Find 'State Of Wonder' At Wordstock 2017

This Saturday, "State of Wonder" will record three live shows at Literary Arts' Wordstock Festival with authors Tom Perotta, the creators of "Welcome to Night Vale," Chuck Klosterman, Katie Kitamura and more.

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Into The King's Mouth With Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne

Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne brings interactive installation to PNCA.

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Poetry And Science Collide In The Work Of Samiya Bashir

The Portland poet explores how principles like Black Body Theory and Planck's Constant impact the real world, from a taxi cab ride to gun violence and Groucho Marx.