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Virtually Unlimited | Kristen Lucas | Darcelle XV | SERA Architects | Crystal Rutland

Virtual reality may not quite be the tech that all the kids are doing these day, but there are entire communities interacting in VR worlds.

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Apprenticeship Training | A History Of Evolution

Everything you think you know about evolution is wrong. Also, we learn about a job training program for the construction field.

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Dirty Green Energy | Summiting Record | Talking Business | Aging Research Technology

A new report says Oregon is not as eco-friendly as it claims. An athlete has climbed the highest summits in each state. Also, we hear the latest business news. And a new OHSU study places sensors in people's homes to identify aging health trends. 

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REBROADCAST: Repairing And Editing Human Embryos

We listen back to a discussion about the science and ethics of editing human embryos, with members of the research team at OHSU who just announced a breakthrough in the field.

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Poetry And Science Collide In The Work Of Samiya Bashir

The Portland poet explores how principles like Black Body Theory and Planck's Constant impact the real world, from a taxi cab ride to gun violence and Groucho Marx.

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REBROADCAST: 'American Eclipse' Journalist David Baron On The Eclipse Of 1878

Thomas Edison and other noted American scientists traveled out west to watch the eclipse of 1878. It was the dawn of the age of science in America.

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The Archive Project - Siddhartha Mukherjee

Tonight, Siddhartha Mukherjee recounts the history of genetic science and discovery, and explores the implications of modern genetic research. 

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Beaverton Man Claims Oregon Board Violated His First Amendment Rights

Mats Järlström has an engineering degree from Sweden, but when he tried to share his idea to improve traffic light timing, an Oregon board fined him for practicing engineering without a license.

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Trump Administration Considers Cutting Oregon Sea Grant

Sea Grant is a program that builds connections between university researchers and the people who make their living on the water.

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Beaverton 8th-Grader's Project Wows At Google Science Fair

Anushka Naiknaware won the LEGO Education Builder Award in the 2016 Google Science Fair with her "smart wound care" project. She is this year's youngest winner.