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Dennis Richardson | Albina Ministerial Alliance | Water Treatment | Transit Security

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson discusses voter fraud and election reform. We also talk about police oversight, treating Portland's water, and hear from TriMet. 

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From Controversy To Icon: Portland's Aerial Tram Turns 10

Portland’s aerial tram can now be seen as one of the city’s most transformational projects ever. But it wasn't always a popular project.

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Metro Will Not Expand Urban Growth Boundary

For the first time since the 1970s, Metro has voted not to expand the region's Urban Growth Boundary, saying there is enough room for the projected 400,000 new residents set to arrive in the next 20 years.

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Portland's For-Hire Transportation Experiment To Wrap Up Next Month

In April, Portland started a four-month pilot program deregulating the taxi industry and allowing ride services Uber and Lyft to operate legally for the first time.

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Sahel Sounds Takes On Tuareg Rock Film

Musicologist Christopher Kirkley's love for Saharan guitarists inspired him to take on an homage to Purple Rain, recast in Africa.