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Broadcast Schedules


Jazz at Sunrise

Your alarm clock never had it so good! From 6-7 AM, KMHD delivers a feel-good mix of jazz that's not too harsh, and not too mellow. It's just right, every weekday morning.

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The Morning Session

Wake up, Portland! Every weekday, Derek Smith's here to take you on a trip through the story of jazz. It's music with a positive pulse, aimed at getting your day started on the good foot! It's not just the music, but the insight, authenticity and storytelling Derek shares with you that make this show special. With news updates at the top of each hour, it's The Morning Session — KMHD's weekday wake-up show!

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Bright Moments

Artist, Author and Host Lynn Darroch brings you the best of the local scene with guest performances, original spoken word and interviews along with a mix of local and national jazz that can't be beat. It's a great way to get ready for the weekend, or relax on a lazy Friday. Bright Moments!

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Soulful Strut

When it's time for the weekend, KMHD's got you covered with Rhythm, Blues and a little bit of news - it's the Baby Boomer's Soulful Strut - every Friday from 4 to 6 PM. Join the Boomer as he smooths out the rough edges and gets your weekend started with a heaping dose of the Blues, Funky Jazz and a little rare soul and RnB. That's the Soulful Strut, taking you home in style every Friday - right here on KMHD, Jazz Radio.

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Altered State

An all-vinyl program for music heads seeking trippy soundscapes across the jazz spectrum, Altered State focuses on the pivotal late ‘60s through the 1980s — when synthesized waveforms, drum machines and experimental effects pedals transformed straight-ahead sounds into something otherworldly.

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