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Donor Stories

Lou and Del Greenfield

Lou and Del Greenfield worked hard to support what they believed in, including political causes, the peace movement – and OPB. The Greenfields loved OPB and its commitment to independent news so much so they left a significant gift to the station in their estate.
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Dr. Ernest Lane

Dr. Lane included OPB in his will because he considered the programming to be educational and of healthy content. In additional to OPB, Dr. Lane supported many other organizations including Mercy Corps, Clackamas Community College, Environmental Defense Fund, Knox College and University of Illinois.

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Barbara Burnham

OPB was important to Barbara as one of her media sources for entertainment and learning. She depended on OPB and it was important to her that OPB thrive in the future. Barbara included OPB as part of her estate plan to ensure the programming she valued would be there for future generations.

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Brenda McGowan

Brenda relied on OPB to keep her connected and expand her view of the world. She was a fan of OPB’s travel and drama programs and loved Oregon Field Guide. She also enjoyed listening to OPB radio to catch the news of the day and was a faithful listener to Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Brenda was a member for three decades and valued the service so much that she included OPB in her estate along with many other charitable organizations.
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Betty Amundson

Betty generously remembered family members and other organizations, including OPB, in her estate plan, specifically the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, St. Mathews Lutheran Church and the Oregon Symphony.

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Gary Hornbuckle

Gary Hornbuckle can be described in one word—generous. After a lifetime commitment of giving back to others, Gary lives on through his bequest to OPB. Before passing away in June 2009, Gary lived a humble life devoted to helping others. Gary was committed to his loyal friends and family, particularly his mother, Dorothy, and friend, Paul Hamlow.
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Pat Noyes

Pat Noyes was a student of the world. She studied photography, metals, physics, zoology, trains, and more. Her passion for learning took her from the Northwest to the Pacific Islands, Europe, and around the globe. While not in the classroom or researching in the field, Pat took time to care for the community around her. She was active in local wilderness and conservation issues and was a tremendous supporter of OPB.

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William Richard Lamb

William Richard Lamb was a builder. Whether building homes across Portland or building morale in his navy battalion, Lamb was committed to building up his community. His contribution to OPB made through his trust will ensure OPB’s continued growth and will allow OPB to build upon entertaining and educational programming in the future.

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J.W. and Martha Rosacker

J.W. and Martha Rosacker filled their days with a passion for helping others and the love of the great outdoors. During their careers, in their retirement, and through their philanthropy, the Rosackers quietly made life better for their clients, the environment, and our entire community. 

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