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Title: Queen Victoria's Empire
Copy #: 1
Status: available
Duration: 4 hours, 0 minutes
Media: 2 DVDs
Keywords: Queen Victoria Monarchy, British Empire


Four-part biography tells the story of the monarch who reigned over an empire that spanned the globe. Beginning with the birth of Queen Victoria, this episode explores the changes brought to Britain by the industrial revolution. This series offers an engaging portrait of the Queen who ruled over one-fifth of the world's population for 64 years, as well as influential figures who shaped British imperialism: Gladstone, Disraeli, Livingstone, Rhodes, and Prince Albert. Personal accounts, re-enactments, and cinematography from imperial outposts recount the dramatic clash of personalities and cultures during Victoria's remarkable reign. Donald Sutherland narrates. Part One: ENGINES OF CHANGE, Part Two: PASSAGE TO INDIA, Part Three: THE MORAL CRUSADE, Part Four: THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA.