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Title: Vera, Season 1
Copy #: 1
Status: available
Duration: 6 hours, 30 minutes
Media: 4 DVDs
Keywords: British Dectective Series, Brenda Blethlyn, David Leon


Vera follows a solitary, obsessed, cantankerous investigator - who happens to be pure genius at her job. Two-time Oscar nominee Brenda Blethlyn stars as the always proficient but occasionally cruel DCI Vera Stanhope. She solves unthinkable crimes aided by her long-suffering team: right-hand man Sergeant Joe Ashworth (David Leon), young DC Holly Lawson, and forensic pathologist Billy Cartwright. Filmed in the Northumberland villages of the original books, Vera peers into the untamed evil that lurks below the surface and exposes the demons that plague even those who dedicate their lives to good. Episode 1: HIDDEN DEPTHS, Episode 2: TELLING TALES, Episode 3: THE CROW TRAP, Episode 4: LITTLE LAZARUS.