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  • Qualified Charitable Distribution Through an IRA
    If you're over 70 ½, you may be able to transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA to OPB without paying any federal income tax. Your gift can be made simply by notifying your IRA plan custodian of your intent to make a current transfer to OPB or another charitable organization. It's a win-win!
    Notify us of your intent to give by completing this form.
    For more information on how to make an IRA gift please contact Nick Warren in our Philanthropy Office by email or by phone at 503-977-7799. For information on how giving through an IRA will impact your taxes, contact your tax consultant.
  • Contribution through a Donor Advised Fund, Community Foundation, or Grant
    For information, please contact Nick Warren, Philanthropy Office at 503-977-7799 or by email at

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    Mail to: OPB, 7140 SW Macadam Ave, Portland OR 97219
  • Stock or securities
    Make a donation of appreciated securities and you may receive an immediate tax deduction and savings on capital gains taxes. Notify us of your incoming gift by completing this form.
    For information, please contact Nick Warren, Philanthropy Office at 503-977-7799 or by email at
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  • Will, Living Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity
    Please contact Jeri Kasal, associate director of Gift Planning, at 503-293-1941.
  • A Gift in Memory or in Tribute
    Remember or honor someone with a gift to OPB. Mail a check to our offices at the address above or make your gift online and indicate in the comments section that this gift is In Honor of / In Memory of (person’s name). Please also indicate whom OPB should notify of your gift. (E.g.: a family member of the deceased or the honored person’s mailing address.) Contact Abe Fitzpatrick at 503-293-1956 for more information.
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