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These generous members play a vital role in sustaining OPB as a thriving public media service where more than 1.5 million people come each year to experience our fascinating world. Today, OPB leads the way as a singular, trusted voice for our independent, engaged way of life—a voice for our values, a voice for our challenges, a voice for our successes.

Voices of our Cornerstone members:

"I rely on it every single day." —David in Bend

"Objective news, community focused, great content, wonderful programs and entertaining!" —Larry & Jill in Camas

"OPB is the foundation and standard for our news about the world--as well as some great laughter on the weekends--and no one else rises to this high bar!" —Eric & Ashley in Banks

"For us, OPB is all about quality of life. Our children were raised with OPB sharing our love of the outdoors and the excitement of discovery with Nova and many other programs. We find our own values and expectations reflected across the board, whether in scientific exploration, documentaries or entertainment." —Rebecca and Dale, Eugene

Special privileges are offered to Cornerstone and President's Council members to enhance their enjoyment of, and connection to, OPB.

Nova Society

Lifetime giving commitment of $100,000 & above*

Celebrating visionary leadership in philanthropy at OPB. Members of the Nova Society have made a lifetime commitment of $100,000 or more in support of OPB. For more information, contact Cheryl Ikemiya at 503.293.4162. All Visionaries privileges.

* Non tax-deductible portion varies. Privileges can be waived.

President's Council

Annual OPB Operating Support
Visionaries — Donors of $50,000 and above* per year
  • Individual recognition in radio and/or television program breaks
  • All Leaders privileges
Leaders — Donors of $25,000 - $49,999* per year
  • Recognition with other President's Council members during television or radio programming breaks
  • All Advocates privileges
Advocates — Donors of $10,000 -$24,999* per year
  • "Work-in-Progress" gatherings with OPB President, Steve Bass, OPB producers and personalities
  • Access to major public broadcasting personalities, producers and executives through local events and travel opportunities
  • Invitations to OPB Salon Series events
  • By request, "Best of Public Broadcasting" package including OPB productions, books and other favorites
  • All Cornerstone Society privileges

* Non tax-deductible portion varies. Privileges can be waived.

Cornerstone Society

Annual OPB Operating Support
Producer's Circle — Donors of $5,000 - $9,999* per year
  • By request, donor's selection of three public broadcasting programs and two OPB logo merchandise items
  • All Director's Circle privileges
Director's Circle — Donors of $2,500 - $4,999* per year
  • By request, donor's selection of two OPB productions
  • Invitations to exclusive special events
  • All Presenter's Circle privileges
Presenter's Circle — Donors of $1,000 - $2,499* per year
  • One-year subscription to OPB's PRIMETIME
  • Invitations to events with public broadcasting personalities
  • Program Lending Library Service (by mail)
  • E-mail correspondence with behind-the-scenes information and/or ticket offers
  • Private tours of OPB
  • Recognition in selected OPB materials

* Non tax-deductible portion varies. Privileges can be waived.