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Vehicle Donation

Turn Your Car Into a Great Idea!

VW Bus photo courtesy of Flickr user jhritz, licensed under CC2.

When you donate your used car (or truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, plane or other vehicle) to OPB we'll turn the proceeds into ideas that engage, inform and entertain. OPB's vehicle donation program handles all of the details at no charge to you, and your donation is tax deductible — just follow the steps below.

How do I donate my vehicle to OPB?

Contact the OPB Vehicle Donation Department at Speed's Towing, our vehicle donation partner. They'll arrange the pickup of your vehicle (no-contact pickups are available). Here's how to reach them:


  • Does my car have to be running to qualify for donation?

    No, but the car must have an engine and be towable. However, cars that are in extremely poor condition or far from our tow range may cost more to tow than the value of the vehicle. If this is the case, OPB may not receive any dollars from your vehicle.

  • What paperwork do I need?

    OPB may accept your vehicle for donation if the title is clear of all liens, your name is on the front of the title and you have signed where indicated to release your interest in the vehicle. If the title is not available, you'll need to submit an Application for Replacement Title with the DMV and contact us when you have the replacement title. The vehicle’s keys should also be given to our representative.

  • Do I get a receipt for my donation?

    Yes, our driver will issue a receipt at the time of pick-up. This is not your final tax receipt. The initial acknowledgement will indicate your name and the year, make and model of the vehicle you are donating.

    A final acknowledgement will be mailed to you within 30 days of the sale. The amount of gross proceeds received from your vehicle will be listed on this receipt. This will be your receipt for your charitable contribution.

  • What can I claim as a deduction?

    Due to recent IRS updates to the rules regarding vehicle donations and the amount of the deduction that can be claimed, we recommend that you refer to IRS Publication 4303 "A Donor's Guide to Vehicle Donations," which can be found at, or contact your tax advisor to determine the amount of your tax deduction.

  • What does OPB do with the donated vehicles?

    The vehicles are sold at auction. The funds from vehicle donations are used to produce quality educational and entertainment programs and support our outreach efforts in the community.

  • Do I have to be with the vehicle at the time of pick-up?

    No. Special arrangements can be made when you talk with the tow company.

  • How much money will OPB receive?

    It varies. However, after towing and administrative costs the station will receive the remainder of the proceeds from the sale of the car.

Vehicle Donation Info

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