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A pharmacist fills out paperwork behind a counter that's next to a shelf full of vitamins and medicines.

Rural Oregonians struggle to get medications as pharmacies close

During the pandemic, Americans started going to their local pharmacy for more than just prescriptions: They went for masks, COVID tests and vaccines. But even with that increased business, retail pharmacies big and small are closing their doors; a national trend that’s been accelerated by the pandemic.

A farmer sifts the soil of one of his dry fields.

Bitter Harvest: Klamath Basin farmers take stock of their losses

After an unprecedented shut-off of irrigation water in the Klamath Project, agriculture producers had to scramble to find water for their crops. While many used groundwater wells to make up at least some of the loss, the limits of that resource became clear.

This 1911 house on Sherman street in Southeast Portland is scheduled for demolition. Neighbors worry the demolition will release toxic particles from the lead-based paint in the house.

Turkey Trouble | Lead Dust | Makers And Techs

We hear about turkey poop in eastern Oregon, lead dust from home demolitions, and an effort to bring creative types and technical types together in the Oregon startup world.