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The Johnsons use electric lanterns to prepare a meal in the dark at their home in Southeast Portland.

4 Lessons From An Unprepared Couple In Oregon

The Johnsons are like many households in the state; they know a big quake is coming, but they are not prepared. Here are takeaways from a weekend the Johnsons spent living off emergency supplies.

The Stephens with what remains of their emergency supplies after a weekend of living off their disaster kit. They pitched tents and ate from their stock of nonperishable foods.

What If Your Family Prepared For a Megaquake, But Your Neighbors Forgot?

As part of OPB's "Living Off Your Kit" weekend, the Stephens family lived in their backyard without electricity, running water, or flush toilets for a weekend, surviving on their earthquake supplies. Their key challenge will be encouraging other people on their block to prepare for an earthquake.

Krista Eddy and Patrick Alexander fit a makeshift diaper on their 2-year-old son, Quinn. The family was practicing what it would be like living off of emergency supplies after a major earthquake. After the exercise, the Alexanders decided they should have more diapers in their emergency kit.

Earthquake Readiness With A Toddler Requires Extra Prep

OPB asked four families to simulate what might happen when a megaquake strikes. In Lincoln City, Patrick Alexander and Krista Eddy  said they used to feel prepared. But that changed after their son was born.

The Alexanders take a look at OPB's Aftershock tool. "We could be looking at a house that's uninhabitable," said Patrick Alexander.

Quake May Be Fake, But Reactions Are Real For Oregon Households

On Friday night, four Oregon households began a weekend-long test of their disaster readiness. They'll spend the next two days taking on various earthquake-related challenges and seeing how well their supplies hold up during OPB's "Living Off Your Quake Kit" drill.

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