Willamette River

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‘Killing salmon to lose money’: A costly, questionable plan on the Willamette

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer has ruled out opening Willamette River dams and letting fish coast the natural current to help improve survival numbers. It would cost next to nothing and has worked before. The Corps says a costly fish collection machine is the only way to save salmon without disrupting dam operations essential to hydropower customers, farmers and boaters. But in documents and interviews, those users say they can go without.


100 years of the Willamette’s Arch Bridge

For years people traversed the Willamette River between Oregon City and West Linn by a ferry and later a suspension bridge. Then came the Arch Bridge, providing a historic connection that still stands today.

Grand Ronde tribes pull out of Willamette Falls partnership

The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde sent a letter Thursday informing the Willamette Falls Legacy Trust that they will no longer participate in partnership discussions around building a riverwalk to restore public access to the falls.