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Art Beat Update: Brenda Mallory

Producer/Videographer/Editor: Greg Bond   Audio: Ted Cutler, Randy Layton

Brenda Mallory is an installation artist who works with fabric and beeswax to create provocative installations. We profiled Mallory a couple of years ago when her installation went on view at the Portland Airport.

Mallory's exhibit and installation at PDX, 2012

Mallory’s exhibit and installation at PDX, 2012


GLEAN Artist in Residence: Mallory visits the Waste Transfer Station.

GLEAN Artist in Residence: Mallory visits the Waste Transfer Station.


Mallory’s work has taken a very different direction when in 2015 she became a GLEAN Artist in Residence and she was given access to the Waste Transfer Station.

Artwork created from honeycomb cardboard.

Artwork created from honeycomb cardboard.


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