In Part 1 of this story, we saw ART’s new Artistic Directer, Damaso Rodriguez talk of hopefully getting enough enthusiasm and funding to get the green light on their original musical, Cuba Libre.

“Developing a new musical”, says Susan Dietz, Cuba Libre’s Producer, “is probably one of the most difficult things you can do in the theater. It takes a long time and there are many moving parts.”

We revisit with Damaso Rodriguez and colleagues at Artists Repertory Theatre as they continue to work on this long-term project about a Cuban band leader who is about to make it big in America.

We are happy to report, they are closer to that green light.

With dancers, writers, and actors, Rodriguez works to create a unique musical based on the lives and music of Cuban band, Tiempo Libre who have been an integral part of this project from the beginning.

Damaso Rodriguez, Artistic Director for Artist Repertory Theatre

Damaso Rodriguez, Artistic Director for Artist Repertory Theatre

“We are good to go!”, says Rodriguez, as his hand automatically knocks on the wood table.

“I always knock on wood!” he adds.

We’ll be following this story through auditions, rehearsals, right up to opening night on October 3rd at the Winningstad Theatre. So stay tuned!

Artist Repertory Theatre

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