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Darkroom to Digital: An Oregon Art Beat Special

Oregon has a remarkable relationship with photography: it is a history filled with documenting the grandeur of the west, staging some of the earliest exhibitions in the country of photographs as works of art, and pushing the boundaries of what a photograph can be.

In this visually-compelling special we’ll explore the story of photography from scientific discovery to the creation of an art form. Portland Art Museum’s Minor White Curator of Photography Julia Dolan gives us revealing historical insight; Christopher Rauschenberg and Craig Hickman, two of the founders of Blue Sky Gallery, show us how they brought a revolutionary spontaneity to the art of photography; and photographer Jim Lommasson continues to stretch the story telling capacity of photography through his work with Iraqi refugees. We profile other established and emerging photographers, plus travel to Corvallis for the first mobile photography gallery exhibition in the state.

From the first daguerreotype created 175 years ago to the most recent cell phone snapshot, the photograph has evolved from a science experiment to a fine art.  But with modern technology, and our constant drive to document ourselves with it, is a picture still worth 1,000 words?

Darkroom to Digital Series Page
Portland Art Museum: Blue Sky Exhibit
Blue Sky Gallery
The Arts Center
Blue Moon Camera and Machine
The Camerawork Gallery
Jim Lommasson
Robert Adams
Wendy Red Star
Ben Canales’ The Star Trail

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