Producer: Eric Slade   Videographers: Corky Miller, Nick Fisher, Tom Shrider   Editors: Beth K. Segal, Bruce Barrow Audio: Randy Layton   Production Assistance: Nick Roberts, Courtney Thiem   Special Thanks: Hanz Kroesen, Museum of Contemporary Craft

Eric Franklin uses laboratory grade glass tubing to create full-sized human skulls and skeletons, then fills them with neon, argon and other gasses to make them glow from within.

A full-sized skeleton takes Franklin over 1,000 hours of work, carefully making sure each joint is perfectly sealed, to hold the noble gasses within.

His favorite part? Flipping the switch and watching light rush into his finished sculpture.

Franklin believes his sculptures reflect both the incredible strength and fragility of the human body, a fact he’s constantly aware of while climbing boulders and rock walls.

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