After hearing about painter Jesse Reno from everyone from art students to curators, we decided to check out his work ourselves.

I found his paintings bursting with energy, a gathering of images that jump from the screen, inviting viewer interpretation. He has supported himself for the last 14 years with his artwork, and he also teaches painting.

"Submarine," by Jesse Reno

“Submarine,” by Jesse Reno

Tom Shrider, Oregon Art Beat/OPB

Now, as a videographer and editor on “Oregon Art Beat” since the beginning of the series, I have videotaped painting classes dozens of times, so I kind of know what to expect. But Reno puts a whole new spin on it. His message is an impassioned plea to stop planning, stop judging and let images from the deep rise to the surface — a bit like trying without trying.

And that’s hard for students to do, since everyone wants to paint a masterpiece.