A gifted animator, filmmaker and puppeteer, Laura Heit explores big topics of death, destruction and spirits through miniature paper cutouts, shadows, and stop motion animation.

Laura recreated her latest installation, Two Ways Down, in the OPB studio. Producer, Eric Slade, along with the Art Beat team, will give you an inside view as we follow the process of creating and setting up that installation.

Laura Heit's original animation: The Deep Dark

Laura Heit’s original animation: The Deep Dark

We’ll also look at Laura’s beginnings in theater and see her work in stop motion animation.

Laura’s work has been featured in MoMa, the Guggenheim, and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum.

Producer: Eric Slade, Videographer: Tom Shrider, Editor: Bruce Barrow, Audio: Randy Layton, William Ward
Additional Photography courtesy of: Leslie Slavin and Erik Unger

Special Thanks to Scott Groller, Rafael Hernandez, CalArts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Smut, Junk Bros, Kelly Butler, Redmoon, John Maxsween, Nicole Nathan and Museum of Contemporary Craft

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